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Journal Entry: Mon May 23, 2011, 11:15 AM

Show some looove

Journal Entry: Fri May 6, 2011, 8:38 AM
short hair, long story by DamnKitty
damnkitty on deviantart
It's Julia, my best friend, and I want to show you the beautiful pictures she takes. Here are some of my personal favorites, don't hesitate to visit her site and to search for your own's!

a copy of a copy of a copy... by DamnKitty youth knows no pain by DamnKitty big hard sun by DamnKitty

now that it's done by DamnKitty polara by DamnKitty hold me now by DamnKitty

white days passing by DamnKitty winters coming by DamnKitty show me by DamnKitty

_Stand your ground. by DamnKitty A daydream... by DamnKitty Fields of the Sun by DamnKitty

You take me away by DamnKitty Pure by DamnKitty From Dusk by DamnKitty

aaand she does not only take pictures, you can also find her on some pictures in my gallery!

feather by LizHeartcore feather II by LizHeartcore Julia I by LizHeartcore

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my favorites

Journal Entry: Sun May 1, 2011, 8:54 AM
thanks to Chipzet, I'll be a Premium Member for the next 4 weeks! Thank you really much, I appreciate it a lot!

I haven't written a journal for a long time, and now that I got a subscription I'd like to use it for showing you some of (in my opinion) the most beautiful pictures that I have added to my favorites so far. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

On my way home. by ToXicLoveKid -- by nikolinelr Some other day by Carenza My Autumn by JeanFan Breathe by P0RG Bird - part three by AlexandraSophie Falling Slowly by mandeelion :thumb145451343: Everybody needs love. by Feenja The Birds and the Bees by TransientSmile sometimes i'm  waiting by Valioza :thumb175718021: Trapped by xfact ...Lviv -1-... by OlegBreslavtsev coLd. by Guldehen Deep deep sea by SachaKalis :thumb163487874: :thumb164969115:   every corner of your mind. by RiluriCanta :thumb174204117: it is just snow by smoozy Say youre a bird by MissHeroin colour of your dreams by patrycjanna heavy in your arms by meyrembulucek :thumb173844701: La clef by eulalievarenne by musicandphotography :thumb175570088: big hard sun by DamnKitty skrzaty by empreinte widower by Pretty-As-A-Picture i dont remember by stillnotsorry week twenty four by Rona-Keller 3 years. by D4D1 unkown future by LenaCramer :thumb155009558: In My Place by mouvement :thumb151008968:   Chasing Imaginary Shadows 3 by hakanphotography :thumb156079451: walk.. by Old-York  :thumb145593759:

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Thank you so much for the fave's on my last pictures! Much appreciated. I don't have to go to school for the rest of the week because of the extreme snowy winter in Germany. Oh hell I miss the summer. :heart:
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i got it. i got a new camera. today's my birthday, so i got it. i am very very very content. :D :D :D :D
It's a Nikon D3000. And I'm totally in love :heart: In 2 hours, my family arrives & in 3 hours, my friends arrive. I am soo excited :aww:

have a nice day :heart: Mine is already rescued.
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Merry Christmas :heart:
I'm going to decorate our christmas tree now.
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got a flickr account!…
add me if you like. You cannot find all of my photos there, i didn't want to upload em all. In future, it think I'll upload more pictures there than here in deviantart.

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sorry that i didn't reply to my messages. I really appreciate every single favourite, but i just don't have the time for it. So

T H A N K S :tea:
for the recent faves/watchers

Hope you don't mind.:heart:
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I finally made an online portfolio for my photography.

Visits are very welcomed! I'd like to know what you think about the site. Thanks!

So now I think I'll go on with my homework. Maths & French.

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Gooooood Byeeeee :heart:
waaah, where are my messages?
sorry, i can't reply, they're deleted.
(thanks for the favs :heart:)

anyone who has got the same problem? Oo
thank you for 10.000 pageviews!:woohoo:

and thanks, my 149 watchers


anyone who wants to give me subscription? :D
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visit her :iconguldehen:
her pictures are one of the best i've seen.

only 2 weeks, then we'll get holidays. all exams are written, the weather is getting better and better - and we've got so many strawberries in our garden! & maybe, Francesca is coming today.

oh, and rest in peace, mj.
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Hey. Sorry that I didn't upload the pictures yet, but our computer is broken. I think it will be fixed next week, but I'm not sure. :aww:


I hope you have wonderful easter days. Enjoy your eggs :aww:

Thursday, there has been a shooting with Lara. I'm very happy with the shots we take, they're coming later. I hope you'll enjoy them & get the feeling of spring.

And thank you for nearly 8,000 pageviews! Great to see that someone watches you :D
That's it.
Good night!
:heart: Liz
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just wanted to write a new journal because the old one is wrong.
Lara now is going to drive with us. :)
I'm a bit ill at the moment. And I am not content with my camera.
nth more to say, I think I sleep now so I am not too tired tomorrow.
xoxo Liz
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Great news - in May I will go on a trip to France. Bad news - Lara won't come with us. That's bad because our teachers already told her to drive with us, but today they let us know that her name wasn't in the list of the participants. I was looking forward to take photos with her till our fingers burn, but that's it.
I've a lot of ideas, I just need the time to make them. & I think that there will come some pictures of my first model Lilian, who hasn't a brace anymore. :) Btw thank you for nearly 6.000 pageviews. :hug:

xoxo Liz :heart:

& come on, 7 views on p e a r l s? you can do better.
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T H A N K   Y O U

for over 5,000 pageviews. It means a lot to me :aww:
Special thanks to my watchers:

I could hug the world. :aww:

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It takes some silence to make sound
It takes a loss before you found it
And it takes a road to go nowhere
It takes a toll to make you care
It takes a hole to make a mountain

I guess now everybody in Germany realized that it's winter. It's snowing all the time and at the moment the snow in our garden is over 23 centimetres high.
I want to make photos. But tomorrow there will be a maths test, and I really wanna have a good mark. So I think I'm going to learn now.


Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life goes full circle
Ha la la la la la life is wonderful
Ha la la la la la life is meaningful
wohoho. I'm upset. I'm really upset.

I deleted all my pictures on my camera. Accidentally. There are only 10 left. From over 500. Yeah, all time I put into shootings & making scenery, of no earthly use.

I hate it. .____.<sub>
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